RTUNES is a Prestige European Workshop - Offering Repairs, Diagnostics, Performance & Logbook servicing and Performance Parts & Tuning. We are also an Online Parts Store, retailing only the best parts, designed specifically for your vehicle.

What about us? We’re RTUNES; a group of obsessed car enthusiasts that want to change the game when it comes to car servicing, repairs, Diagnostics & Tuning. We are also an Online Parts store, retailing some of the best euro performance brands at a reasonable cost – with an option to have them fitted at our workshop! We’re on a mission to not only raise the industry standard when it comes to performance, but to revamp the process altogether.

We offer a wide range of performance and aesthetic accessories. From Air Intakes to Paddle Shifter Extensions and Underbody Racing Shields. We have spent a lot of time ensuring we have selected only the best products to be used in your vehicle, to ensure we can outperform in each field, typically with weight optimisation, performance and stability in mind.

RTUNES only stock and supply top-tier brands. We do not compromise on quality or retail a product we have not tested and we do not believe in. Our range of performance parts are favoured for precision and durability under high performance conditions. From Air Intakes, Intercoolers, Turbochargers, Complete Turbo-Back Exhaust Systems and a wide range of aesthetic and performance accessories. 

All products we sell have been tested on our own cars, through trial & error and intense pressure testing, we are proud to now offer a great range!

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